James Hulsey

Account Executive

James has been involved in marketing, advertising, and sales since 2013. He gained his experience through multiple roles and courses of study during his undergraduate degree and beyond – Product Development and Market Research Data for healthcare, Sales Process Development and Implementation for a local vineyard, software developer, and his own ventures, and B.S. of Business – Marketing at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

He has been involved with Startups, Enterprises, and everything in-between  across a myriad of industries – Healthcare, Wine and Cider, Retail, Software, Travel/Hospitality, and Restaurants to name a few.

When he isn’t working, he is spending time with family, getting lost in the great outdoors, or traveling the world.


Where are you from?
41.0186° N, 96.2461° W

Favorite part of your job?
Exercising my imagination! I love exploring new ways to help clients serve their customers and grow their businesses.

What’s one of your favorite things to do outside of the office?
Golf, hunting, fishing…really anything that gets me outdoors and active. I grew up in the great outdoors, and I love it!

Dogs or cats?
No questions, I love dogs. I grew up with Golden Retrievers, and they are my absolute favorite.

Favorite movie?
I love adventure, so my go-to is The Goonies!

Binge-worthy show?
If you haven’t seen Peaky Blinders yet, hold onto your hat.

Music to work to?
If I had music on when I work I’d be too busy belting out the lyrics to work.

Favorite pizza topping?
Simple. All meat. MAYBE green peppers if I’m feeling risky.

Favorite Spot in Omaha?
Summer at the Farmers Market! I love to cook with all of the fresh, local produce.