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Travis Bellinghausen

Creative Director


Travis has been the Creative Director at C3D for a total of 11 years bringing his experience to nearly every client that comes through the office doors. While his title says "Director", he sees himself more as a Creative Guidance Counselor, relying on his fully-capable team to help set the tone for the work that we produce, and guiding them along to the way to ensure results are achieved and client budgets stay in tact. 

With previous experience at companies such as ITA Group, HDR Architecture & Engineering and Turnpost Creative Group, Travis has the background to tackle any project. The creative team relies on his leadership and experience to deliver a complete project to our clients and we all look to him to stand up for the work we have developed.

Outside of the office, he enjoys the occasional MMA event, coaching his daughter’s volleyball team and putting in time at the gym to make sure his daughter’s future suitors knows who’s in charge.


Where are you from?
Carroll, IA

Favorite part of your job?
There's a great satisfaction in helping a client who has a vision of what they want or need, and can utilize and trust our skills to bring it to life.  

What's one of your favorite things to do outside of the office?
The gym calls my name every day. 

Dogs or cats?
Does "neither" make me a bad person? I like to be on the go. 

Favorite movie?
The Usual Suspects

Binge-worthy show?
The Walking Dead. The Ranch. Red Oaks. Sons of Anarchy.

Music to work to?
Anything rock.

Favorite pizza topping?
Arthichoke hearts, spinach, sundried tomato, garlic, chicken, feta and olive oil 

Favorite spot in Omaha?
Climate CrossFit

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