Logo Design Basics

So you need a logo. You have your big idea, you have a name, you have a business plan, and you are ready to move forward with what will hopefully be your retirement plan. BUT, there’s a problem, you don’t have awareness. You don’t have a website for anyone to find information about you, and …

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The Art of Kerning

Kerning is the often neglected art form of adjusting the space between letters of a word to increase the content’s readability. Learn more about how it came to be, and how you can learn to master kerning.

Graphic Design 101: CMYK or RGB Color

Color can affect your mood, what you think of a new brand, and even influence your buying choices. Getting the color right in your designs is crucial if you want to convey the right message. As a designer, it is essential to know when to use RGB or CMYK. You want to make sure your document color mode is set correctly depending on your project or you could spend a lot of time fixing improper color values.

Menu Design: Feel the Thunder

Bosselman Enterprises is a multi-state travel, convenience store, mechanical and hospitality company with over 1,400 employees. The company approached Corporate Three Design about creating a menu to help brand their new restaurant concept in Grand Island, NE named Max’s Thunder Road Grill. About Max’s Thunder Road Grill The 400 seat restaurant is an automotive/motorcycle enthusiast’s dream …

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