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Graphic Design 101: CMYK vs RGB Color

Graphic Design 101: CMYK vs RGB Color

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  DesignWeb Development

Getting the color right in your designs is crucial if you want to convey the right message. As a designer, it is essential to know when to use RGB or CMYK.

What We're Listening To: Breakdown

What We're Listening To: Breakdown

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Music Playlists

Pay your tribute to rock legend Tom Petty with this playlist of classic hits assembled by C3D Designer, Marcus White. 

What We're Listening To: Rocktober 2016

What We're Listening To: Rocktober

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Music Playlists

C3D Graphic Designer Marcus White compiled this month's playlist of his favorite rock drummers. 

Discover the Health Benefits of Daily Walking

30 Minute Walks with Marcus

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Lifehacking

Become smarter and healthier while improving your tan with 30 minute walks.

Listening to Music in the Workplace

Learning the Role of Music in the Workplace

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Industry ResearchLifehacking

After 30 years of work experience, Marcus shares his thoughts about music in the workplace.

Monthly Music Playlist: February 2016

What We're Listening To: February Playlist

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Music Playlists

  A recent study has found that music in the home increases togetherness and “proximity.”

Monthly Music Playlist: December 2015

What We're Listening To: December 2015

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Music Playlists

Marcus curated this holiday-themed playlist for the month of December.

Typography 101: Font Pairing and Choosing Typefaces

How To: Pair Typefaces Like a Pro

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Design

Selecting fonts that look good is easy. Selecting two fonts that look good and work well together is a whole different ballgame.

Typography 101: Learn Kerning, Tracking, and Leading

The Art of Kerning

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  Design

Typography complements and drives a strong design. Good typography can be lost by the lack of attention given to kerning.

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