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Farewell Frank Tudor

Frank Is Moving On

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Newsletter

After nearly three years with the C3D team we are wishing a fond farewell to Frank Tudor. 

What We're Listening To: August 2014

What We're Listening To: Makes Me Happy

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Music Playlists

Mollie curated this month's playlist which features some very catchy indie and rock songs.

Corporate Three Design Summer Internships 2014

Internship Initiation

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Career Opportunities

We've got something fun planned for our interns who are starting next week. See the teasers!

Corporate Three Design Summer Internships 2014

Announcing Our 2014 Summer Interns!

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Career Opportunities

We're excited to announce our 2014 Summer Interns! Find out who they are!

Easily Animate SVGs

Easy, Quick, and Dirty SVG Animation

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Web Development

If you're in a bind this is a painless method to get it done easily and quickly. 

What We're Listening To: March 2014

What We're Listening To: Favorite Female Artists

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Music Playlists

There is nothing more soothing or moving than a woman with some pipes!

What We're Listening To: February 2014

What We're Listening To: Love/Hate

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Music Playlists

Amalia curated this month's double-down playlists that show how February can be the month for love or the month for despise. 

What We're Listening To: January 2014

What We're Listening To: Triple Threat

Posted by: Dylan | Categories:  Music Playlists

We've created a triple threat showdown with three and a half hours of top shelf, kickass music to blast straight into your ear-holes!

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