Corporate Three Design is Saying Farewell

After 32 years in business, we are sad to announce that we are closing our doors effective May 31, 2022. We appreciate our customers’ trust and the relationships we developed over the years. We have put together a transition plan to address continuity for your business in light of the decision.

The two subjects of concern for our clients’ transition are Native File Archives and Website Hosting.

Native File Archives

Concerning your native file archives, they continue to be archived in local storage and cloud storage. We have created a request form for you to gain access to the files you will need to work with another partner. There will be a procedural cost associated with the requested file delivery after request but you will be notified by the firm handling the archive management.

This service will be in effect until December 20, 2022.

Website Hosting

Concerning your hosting, we have secured a relationship with our datacenter to provide continuous hosting of any existing sites through at least May 31, 2023. Shawn Hartley has committed to managing the servers and you will be invoiced at the same rate/frequency for the next year.