Marketing Foundation

3 Areas to Focus When Building a Marketing Foundation

At Corporate Three Design, we approach marketing businesses in 3 categories: Foundation Promotion Generation We’d like it to work in a linear path, but that’s rarely the case. If an organization has their overall business foundation in place, and they create a new product or division, they need to address the marketing foundation before promoting …

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3 Areas to Focus on Building Your Marketing Roadmap

Businesses are overwhelmed with too many marketing tactics. They lack a plan to follow. We provide digital marketing guidance and expertise, so businesses can have a clear marketing roadmap to find their way forward. Our marketing roadmap builds on 3 areas: Foundation Promotion Generation 1. Foundation There are three parts creating the foundation part of …

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Graphic Design 101: CMYK or RGB Color

Color can affect your mood, what you think of a new brand, and even influence your buying choices. Getting the color right in your designs is crucial if you want to convey the right message. As a designer, it is essential to know when to use RGB or CMYK. You want to make sure your document color mode is set correctly depending on your project or you could spend a lot of time fixing improper color values.

Getting Your Website ADA Compliant

Not all disabilities impede internet use, but, as a business owner, it’s a good idea to know how easy or difficult your website is for people with limited abilities. And once you know, incorporate updates into your next website update. At C3D we can help you sift through the guidelines and design a site that’s …

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Website Process | Corporate Three Design

The Website Process Step-by-Step

So you need a new website. If you’ve never been through the website process before, it can be overwhelming and full of questions. It’s a big investment of money, time and trust in who you hire to guide you through this process. Let me help clear some of the fog of the website process. Research It …

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