Introducing our Small Business Marketing Basics Package

Maybe you’re about to launch a new business. Maybe you’ve already launched and now you realize you have a load of marketing concerns you have to deal with all at once. Or perhaps you’re trying to decide if you need to pay your cousin or friend a little bit to come up with… something. Your time is precious, but your money is precious too.

Over the years, at Corporate Three Design we’ve become experts in re-branding. We help organizations take their old branding and marketing assets and completely rethink them from the ground up. We help them give their organization a fresh feel and a new public face.

Sometimes older brands we help retool were professionally-made solutions that made sense at the time and just need updating to meet modern expectations. Other times, these logos or websites were afterthoughts, or not professionally designed, or designed as cheaply as possible. And we get it: when you’re starting out, sometimes the most important thing is just getting something out there. Showing up is more important than being perfect.

But it would be nice if you could start with the right foot forward, wouldn’t it? It would be nice if you didn’t have to figure all this stuff out yourself. If you could get some help from folks who’ve answered these questions and tackled these problems before…

We know that fledgling companies are just establishing their brands. We want to be able to work with those clients too.

When you’re starting out as a small business, it makes sense to only spend time or money building out the essentials of your brand. You want to focus on your business, not get lost in extraneous marketing details. But you will need the essentials. And those essentials will work better for you if they’re laid out with a plan in mind, and designed to all work together.

You’ll want a logo that represents your company and what you do at a glance. You probably want some basic physical assets using that logo, like business cards. You’ll need somewhere your potential customers can learn about your business and what you do. And you’ll need a way to keep in contact and reach out to the customers you’ve acquired.

And most importantly, you will need some sort of marketing strategy. Businesses rarely market themselves, unfortunately. You will need a plan as to how you’re going to market your business. Not having a strategy isn’t merely the lack of one: it’s the same as having a bad strategy.

A marketing strategy can be as simple as making sure all of your branding and materials puts your core values front and center. Or it can be a detailed map about how you want to grow and where your business needs to attract new clients. We tailor your strategy to fit your business’ specific needs.

We know that as a small business, you’ve got a tight budget and a need to focus.

We’ve distilled our branding services down to the leanest essentials, and bundled them together at a discount. That’s our Small Business Marketing Basics Package.

We see this as an investment. We want to help small businesses like yours grow and flourish using our tools so that down the road we can continue to help them grow. There’s no catch, no strings attached, and we don’t lock you into some proprietary system. It’s just a good deal on professional design and production of things you’re gonna need. We’re confident that our work and services will speak for themselves when the time comes for you to expand your marketing.

Don’t go it alone.

Get help from folks who understand branding and will listen to you and your business’ needs. Put your business on the right track with marketing that looks professional, cohesive and and is tailored to you. Find more information about our Small Business Marketing Basics Package below.

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone.

Save time and money with marketing basics that create a solid foundation for your small business.