The Meaning of Care Online Strategy

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Building Online Campaigns for The Meaning of Care®

As a part of Methodist Health System’s annual marketing campaign, we build landing pages and banner ads to support the commercials, print ads and billboards that MHS’s partner Anderson Partners creates for the campaign.

Landing Pages

Each year, Methodist develops messaging to market specific areas of their health system. We build landing pages utilizing the imagery from the campaign, expanding upon the message and incorporating calls to action to encourage the users to learn more. Our team strives to educate users without overwhelming them.

Banner Ads

Part of The Meaning of Care® campaign also includes an advertising buy with various online publications in the Omaha area. Using the imagery and messaging from each campaign, we create banners in multiple sizes. which can create some unique design challenges that we enjoy solving. The goal of these online banners is to visually tie the outdoor, TV and online campaigns together and provide enough detail to encourage users to click on them to learn more on the corresponding landing pages.

Every year the messaging is a little different, but the strategy remains consistent.

Unify the design of the whole campaign and communicate succinctly The Meaning of Care® that Methodist Health System provides its patients no matter what part of the Health System the patients are being treated by. We’re grateful to be apart of sharing this message.