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Graphic Design 101: CMYK vs RGB Color

Graphic Design 101: CMYK vs RGB Color

Posted by: Marcus | Categories:  DesignWeb Development

Getting the color right in your designs is crucial if you want to convey the right message. As a designer, it is essential to know when to use RGB or CMYK.

Missing Matt

Posted by: Travis | Categories:  Newsletter

“And like that….. He’s gone”   After 5 years with the C3D team, Matt is finding a new home. 

How To Influence Search Results with Google My Business Posts

How and When To Use GMB Posts

Posted by: Dan | Categories:  Branding and IdentityIndustry ResearchSearch Engine Optimization

Google Posts are a very simple way to enhance the depth and quality of branded search results for your business name.

Google Pixel 2 Camera Review

Google Pixel 2 Camera Review

Posted by: Dan | Categories:  Industry ResearchLifehackingVideo and Photography

I spent the last 3 months using the Google Pixel 2 as my daily phone, putting the camera to the test with the stock camera app as well as other social media apps. 

Exercise the Demons

Exercise the Demons: Finding Work/Life Balance

Posted by: Travis | Categories:  Lifehacking

Exercise is a powerful (and drug-free) tool that is proven to not only reduce stress, anxiety and depression, but also fuel creativity!

Making Sense of Your Organic Website Traffic for Free

Making Sense of Your Organic Website Traffic for Free

Posted by: Dan | Categories:  Content MarketingSearch Engine Optimization

One of the most common concerns we hear from clients is that they have difficulty measuring the ongoing performance of their content marketing efforts.

How To Elevate Your Brand At Events and Trade Shows

Elevating Your Brand At Events and Trade Shows

Posted by: Jeff | Categories:  Client Spotlight

C3D can assist you with all of the details for your next trade show, including selecting the right hardware, along with handling all the production to ensure the final product looks great.

How Chevy Shouldn't Talk to Consumers

How Chevy Shouldn't Talk to Consumers

Posted by: Carolyn | Categories:  Industry Research

Despite the commercial-free experience that my cord-cutter lifestyle has afforded me, those Chevy ads seem to follow me everywhere I go.

How the Right Copy Convinced Me to Buy a $300 Backpack

Posted by: Carolyn | Categories:  Branding and IdentityIndustry Research

Knowing your audience, communicating clearly, and making the process easy will convince customers  - or in this case me - to buy.

2017 Field Paper Show Recap

2017 Field Paper Show Recap

Posted by: Dan | Categories:  Omaha Events

Paper shows are a great opportunity for our creative team to see what’s out there so that we can choose the best (and most cost effective) paper or printing for our clients.

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