Bio Nebraska

An organization aligning their identity and brand with their mission.

Bio Nebraska is a non-profit trade association founded in 2005. Their core goals are to support, promote, and grow Nebraska’s bio-ecosystem, as well as connect Nebraska’s bio-ecosystem to the world.

They represent more than 80 companies in the healthcare, science, education, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors.

After 15 years in existence, the previous visual identity no longer aligned with their future focused organization. Bio Nebraska members have helped shape the association into what it is today and where it is going, so in January 2020, their Board of Directors determined it was time to update the association’s image to align more closely with  Nebraska’s bio-ecosystem.

Corporate Three Design worked extensively with Bio Nebraska Directors to help redefine their brand and create a new identity that was better aligned with their contemporary model.

After extensive industry research, branding surveys, and hundreds of sketches, we unveiled the new logo.

The logo is clean and sophisticated representing the company’s modern mission. It also honors the history of Bio Nebraska through hints of the previous green color. Each color represents one of the pillar sectors: Red-healthcare, Green-agriculture, Blue-education, and Gray-industry.

Old Logo

Their previous visual identity no longer aligned with their future focused organization.



Built in an outdated management system, the old Bio Nebraska website was difficult to maintain, requiring manual updates for news and event feeds throughout the site. It also wasn’t responsive to mobile technology. We created a new site that was not only intuitive for users to navigate, but easy for Bio Nebraska staff to maintain all content throughout.


Along with the logo and website, we created a cost-conscious yet sophisticated collateral. This elevated the association’s brand and messaging. Their identity package included: Business cards with silk finish and spot gloss highlights, letterhead (print and digital versions), note cards, trade show assets and email newsletter templates.

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