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Over the previous 5 years, Omaha’s Eppley Airfield experienced record breaking passenger growth. Plans are in place to expand and modernize the terminal, but before that can happen, parking needed to increase for the increase in travelers.

The Omaha Airport Authority – who oversees the Eppley Airfield operations – and their airport parking consultant, Leigh Fisher created ParkOMA: Official Parking at Eppley Airfield. OAA works hard to provide to a clear, comfortable experience for travelers.

ParkOMA encompasses the Airport’s 8 parking options. Each of these options are located close to the terminal and at various price points for all travelers.

The development and launch of ParkOMA coincided with the opening of the brand new North Garage.

The North Garage offers desperately needed close, covered parking options. It’s also the home for the rental car center designed so travelers stay inside for the entire rental car process. This state-of-the-art, modern parking garage signals a new era for the Omaha Airport – one that Omaha Airport Authority is fully embracing.

Months before the North Garage was set to open, Coprorate Three Design started refining the look, developing messaging and executing the marketing campaign for the launch of ParkOMA and the opening of the North Garage. We spent time considering the ParkOMA differentiators and advantages, about who the audience is and what they need from airport parking facilities.

Every decision with our internal team, the consultants and OAA’s team went back to OAA’s goal of providing premier customer service and airport facilities through operational excellence.

The result of the campaign from May – August 2019 included an estimated 16 million impressions and 6,800 trackable engagements. 

ParkOMA Projects

We did not create the initial ParkOMA logo, but we did take time to refine shapes and spacing. We ensured the plane was at a 45 degree angle for future design elements. Through the messaging and strategy process, we developed the tagline to define ParkOMA: “Official Parking at Eppley Airfield.”

Product Icons

ParkOMA is comprised of various parking options; each with its own features and price points. We created an icon system that can be used for a quick and easy reference to the parking option a traveler is choosing.

Landing Page

Knowing that ParkOMA was a new concept for Eppley Airfield travelers, communicating clearly with OAA’s target audience was critical.

We wrote, designed, and developed a landing page to explain all of the ParkOMA options and the reason for its creation. After the North Garage opened and ParkOMA was launched to the public, the main “Parking” tab of officially became ParkOMA and the landing page now resides within that section.

Enhanced Parking Availability Feeds and Rate Estimator

Know before you go!

Both the flyoma site and app integrates with the Airport’s parking feed to display real time parking availability for each parking options including floor-by-floor availability in the garages.

We also developed logic to estimate parking rates for all available ParkOMA parking options. 

Print Ads

1/4, 1/2 and full page print advertising with “Coming Soon” and “Now Open” messages for both the new North Garage and ParkOMA were created for the Midlands Business Journal and Omaha World Herald to keep business travelers and general travelers aware of what was developing at Eppley Airfield.

Digital Banner Ads

To support the newspaper print advertising and to capture the attention of the online audience, we created digital banner ads in various sites. Part of the buy included the run of site but also homepage takeovers on certain days.

Email Strategy

We made use of various email channels for announcing the launch of ParkOMA and the opening of the North Garage including and OAA’s own email list.

Social Media Graphics and Messages

Part of the ParkOMA awareness strategy included engaging the Omaha Airport’s developed social channels. We developed a content calendar and messaging that kept the voice and tone of the Airport. The graphics followed the style of the landing page and many of the messages were linked back to that page so the audience could learn more about ParkOMA.

Radio Spots

Along with traditional outdoor, print, and online advertising, we worked with OAA to script radio spots to highlight what was to come at Eppley Airfield. 

Park Here Now Radio Spot
North Garage Now Open Radio Spot


Billboards were placed throughout Omaha to generate awareness for ParkOMA and the new North Garage.

Initially the billboards featured a custom “Coming Soon” snipe overlay which was placed over “PARK HERE NOW” and “ALL NEW AND NOW OPEN” messages. On opening day, the top snipes were removed and the underlying messages were revealed. 

Garage Banners

OAA wanted travelers to know what was to come as they approached the airfield. We teamed up with Revolution Wraps to ensure the security of the 21’x40′ perforated banners which hung from the North and South Garages.

Extensive care was taken to ensure the security of the banners in dealing with the Nebraska elements such as high winds and thunderstorms.

The initial placements of the banners featured a custom “Coming Soon” snipe overlay which was placed over “PARK HERE NOW” and “ALL NEW AND NOW OPEN” messages. On opening day, the underlying messages were revealed. 

Shuttle Bus Wraps

Prior to launching ParkOMA, shuttle buses which transported travlers to and from parking options and the old rental car location were lost in the shuffle of other transportation options.

To avoid confusion as to what bus travelers should be using, a rebrand needed to happen, and be as seamless as possible (nearly overnight) as to not disrupt the traveler experience at Eppley Airfield.

We rebranded the existing shuttle busses to coincide with the new ParkOMA brand and worked extensively with Eppley and Revolution Wraps to keep as many busses running as possible during the transition.

Shuttle Bus Pickup Station

With the shuttle buses wrapped, OAA also wanted to ensure travelers knew exactly where to go to when exiting the terminal to be picked up for their return trip to their vehicles.

The center island canopy outside the terminal is now specifically for ParkOMA. North Economy and South Economy dropoff/pickup locations are designated at each end. 

Elevator Wraps

Wanting to communicate and generate awareness for ParkOMA on Eppley Airfield property, we developed elevator wraps. These wraps were installed in both the North and South garages.

Feather Signs

Upon opening of the new North Garage, feather signs were put in place to call attention to and announce the newest parking option was open for business at Eppley Airfield. 

EV Station Branding

One of the many features of the new North Garage included charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV). OAA took this as another opportunity to further the ParkOMA brand with custom graphics for the EV charging stations.