Marketing Promotion

Building a Marketing Promotion Strategy for Your Business

Once an organization establishes their Marketing Foundation, we look at Marketing Promotion. At Corporate Three Design we approach marketing a business in three categories:  Foundation Promotion Generation Promotion is a broad category. The Messaging and Visual Identities from the Foundation process help build the Promotion strategy, and it leads back to the Website. With the …

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3 Areas to Focus on Building Your Marketing Roadmap

Businesses are overwhelmed with too many marketing tactics. They lack a plan to follow. We provide digital marketing guidance and expertise, so businesses can have a clear marketing roadmap to find their way forward. Our marketing roadmap builds on 3 areas: Foundation Promotion Generation 1. Foundation There are three parts creating the foundation part of …

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Major Google Algorithm Update

Background Terms Before we get into the meat of the algorithm changes, here are a few terms you’ll need to know. YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) Pages Pages on a site that contrast benefits of a product/service/advice/etc that could have a negative impact on lifestyle or money. For instance, pages that offer information such …

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