Marketing Promotion

Building a Marketing Promotion Strategy for Your Business

Once an organization establishes their Marketing Foundation, we look at Marketing Promotion. At Corporate Three Design we approach marketing a business in three categories:  Foundation Promotion Generation Promotion is a broad category. The Messaging and Visual Identities from the Foundation process help build the Promotion strategy, and it leads back to the Website. With the …

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3 Areas to Focus on Building Your Marketing Roadmap

Businesses are overwhelmed with too many marketing tactics. They lack a plan to follow. We provide digital marketing guidance and expertise, so businesses can have a clear marketing roadmap to find their way forward. Our marketing roadmap builds on 3 areas: Foundation Promotion Generation 1. Foundation There are three parts creating the foundation part of …

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The Best and Worst VR Headsets Under $40

Google recently announced the Google Daydream, in many ways its spiritual successor to Google Cardboard. If you’re not familiar with either of these things, let me catch you up. Google Daydream is a pillowy, high-tech headset you strap to your face that pairs with your smartphone to create a lo-fi virtual reality experience. It’s not …

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