An Inside Look at Travis’ Everyday Carry

Each day presents a new set of creative challenges for us here at C3D. Check out a list of the gear and gadgets that help me get through each day!

SNACKS!!!! An absolute must for me. I try to keep all my snacks relatively healthy for fuel and avoiding overly sugary items to avoid crashing throughout the day. However, I have a hard time turning away Eileen’s Cookies when they show up at the office!

Opportunities for new work can present themselves at any time in our industry. Always be prepared with your business cards and the proper information on hand. 

Want to see me freak out? Be around when I realize I’ve left my headphones at home. I have a constant stream of music and podcasts going throughout the day. What I’m listening to depends heavily on the workload/type of project I have going on at the time.

Ideas (and grocery lists!) can pop up at any time so paper and pencil, pens and markers are an absolute must. 

This simple SOLO bag has been my only bag since I began using a laptop. Nothing fancy. Inexpensive. Just the right amount of storage. 

I always try to sketch out ideas ahead of time, but this is where magic happens. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body is made up of 60% water. I drink at least 6 of these a day. 

My other every day carry. Fitness is a must for me, so this bag is stocked with gear and tags along each day. I love breaking up my day with a trip to the CrossFit gym. It provides a mental break and clears my mind. I have literally had some of my best ideas, especially one’s that I have been struggling with in the morning,  come to me right after a workout. 

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