Identifying Value in Evergreen Content

Evergreen content refers to content that is always usable and always relevant for your general target audience, especially new followers.

These are your key blog posts that provide a unique take on a commonly searched topic. When done right, evergreen content should become your most educational, successful, and clickable content across social channels and organic search.

Still not sure what that means? Here’s what some of the content marketing industry’s experts have to say about the definition of “evergreen content.”

  • Buffer: “As long as the post can be linked to and gain traffic long after it is originally published, it qualifies as evergreen.”
  • HubSpot: “Just like the name indicates, evergreen blog content stays useful season to season, year to year with little or no need for upkeep.”
  • Wordstream: “Like the trees, evergreen content is considered sustainable and lasting.”

While covering timely events and trending topics should always be part of your content strategy, don’t forget about the power of repurposing older content that still provides value for readers who are just finding it for the first time.

Evergreen Content in Action


Consider this example of a blog post we frequently repurpose for use on Twitter. Marcus, one of our designers, wrote a long-form post on the basics of kerning in typography. The tips and tricks Marcus shared in his post may be decades old, but they fall into the category of evergreen content because the industry standards in graphic design have changed little since moving to the digital space. It’s not a piece that is valuable because of its timeliness, it’s valuable because it provides our own unique take on a topic that will remain relevant into the future.

What is NOT Evergeen Content?

Evergreen content does not pertain to design trends, holiday themes, or statistics. While these are viable niches of content to provide your audience on a timely basis, they do not fall into the category of evergreen content and cannot be easily repurposed for future use.

The most popular formats for evergreen materials include resource directories and lists, best practices tips and tutorials, product reviews, and brand videos. Remember: Repurposing content is not simply a trick to lure users into clicking on a post they have already viewed. Instead, successful content repurposing should attract the attention of new followers who value your unique take on a commonly searched topic.

How To Harness the Power of Repurposing

First, identify which pieces of your content that have been shared on social media fall under the category of evergreen materials.

Then, look at the data to plan out a schedule for sharing those pieces of content again and again.

Always look for opportunities to produce new evergreen content that your customers and clients can connect with throughout your process of repurposing.

Social media automation tools, like Buffer, make repurposing a breeze. With Buffer, you can review analytics, “re-buffer” old content, and compose new updates all from the same console.

Successful repurposing involves a mix of using the same identical content at a later time as well as editing the language and media contained in a post to make it appear like new. By simply changing the wording in your tweet or uploading a new image with a fresh call-to-action, you can breathe new life into older but still-relevant content.

Over time, you will notice certain parts of the day when your audience is most active and likely to engage your posts. Buffer’s schedule tool can help you automatically tailor a posting schedule based on these analytics, so your content can reach a greater audience of prospective readers.

Grow Your Business with Evergreen Content

Producing and repurposing evergreen content is a valuable long-term strategy for your company’s overall web presence across all channels. Once you’ve established your library of high quality evergreen content, it will also lighten the load for your social media managers and content creators. They will simply have more opportunities to post original content and drive valuable discussions online thanks to the extended life of repurposed evergreen pieces.

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