What We’re Listening To: The Cage

This musing launched a long discussion here in the studio about the song Freebird’s place in rock culture, the history of people yelling it at concerts, and the wondrous world of live rock jams that never seem to end.

And we thought: “We should make a playlist of those.” So this month’s playlist consists purely of rock jams of inordinate length and jamminess.

Do you find yourself listening to the average 3-minute pop song and feeling a sort of vague, unfulfilled emptiness?

Do you need more guitar and/or drum solos in your life?

We went searching for the longest, most-out-of-control jams, and then tracked down the longer, live versions of those songs and put them together. Clocking in at over 5 hours, with an average song length of 14 minutes, we present to you: The Cage.

Things you could do in the time it takes to listen to this playlist:
  • Drive from Omaha to Kansas City and back. (You’ll have to speed, but only a little.)
  • Cover yourself in mud and have a one-person woodstock
  • Watch the Force Awakens twice in a row. (on mute, of course)
  • Merge consciousness with Jimmy Paige’s guitar solo and reach classic rock nirvana
  • Slowly lose all concept of time
  • Change the password on the office music player

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