Photo Study: A Stop Outside of M’s Pub

It’s usually the first place mentioned by Omaha residents trying to entice to tourists to visit. Or the first place mentioned by tourists trying to relate to residents.

And while it can be hard at times to explain just how cool Omaha really is, the Old Market needs no convincing.

The Old Market is home to some of our team’s favorite places for food, drinks, and fun. You can fill your belly on any budget, grab a locally brewed craft beer, rummage for antiques, peruse vinyl records, pick up some new digs, and always find a delicious dessert or hot cup of gourmet coffee in just a few blocks area.

The loss of M’s Pub along with the neighboring shops and apartments on that corner marks a significant setback for Omaha’s historic Old Market area. However, it also marks the beginning of something new and exciting for an area that has remained largely unchanged for so long.

We’re eager and hopeful to see the reconstruction of this iconic corner of town into something greater than ever before. Please join us for a Fundraiser at Nite Owl on January 25 to help aid and remember one of Omaha’s most celebrated traditions: M’s Pub.

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