What We’re Listening To: Triple Threat

Welcome to the first of many blog posts to start coming down the pipes from Corporate Three Design, the What We’re Listening To series! We’ll be posting a new themed playlist every month curated by one of the staff members here at C3D, so whether you prefer disco-funk, heavy metal, folk or even podcasts you’ll be sure to find a playlist to suit your tastes.

To kick off the first of the series I’ve created a triple threat showdown with three and a half hours of top-shelf, kick-ass music to blast straight into your ear-holes!

New Year, New Cheer

Need something positive? Long day of IE8 Troubleshooting got you down? Turn that frown upside down with this happy-go-lucky, cheerful playlist.

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Deep Chill

Quiet day in the office? Work load stressing you out? Sit back and relax to a chill group of artists.

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Dance To Stay Warm

Move your feet! Shake those arms! Act a foo’! Time to throw your stocking hat up and shake what your mamma gave ya! Keep that blood pumping to dance music from bands.

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