Why You Should Invest In Great Logo Design

Anyone with 5 minutes and a copy of MS Word can “make” a logo, but then there are the truly good logos; the logos that someone actually took the time and effort to think through meaningfully and design.

Those are the logos that stick with people and define a memorable brand. And that’s what we’re after, isn’t it? When someone sees your logo, immediately recognizes you or your company, and then takes action (e.g. buying your product, visiting your website, calling for service, etc).

Here are just a few of the perks that we share with our clients who are quick to question logo design as an investment.

What is a Brand Identity?

A lot of hard work goes into creating a brand.

A brand is the very nature of your company summed up and visualized. And the building block of that brand is the logo. If you start with a well designed logo the brand is already off to a good start.

A quality logo and brand reach out to your viewers like a firm hand shake, or a warm smile. A brand is building a relationship with your viewers/customers –what they remember and recognize you by.

You don’t want these encounters to be met with sweaty palms. The logo should always put your best foot forward, consistently across the board.

Great Logos Bring Credibility

If you’re just starting out, a well designed logo is even more important.

Used together with your brand identity, it brings consistency and professionalism to you and your business. It shows you care about what you do and your reputation. This all in turn increases the viewers’/customers’ confidence in your brand.

Great Logos Set You Apart

You are not your competitors.

There’s plenty that makes you different and unique. A good logo, designed just for you, can immediately get down to business. Tell the viewer exactly what you ARE or ARE NOT about. Your logo gives the viewer that familiarity with your industry, while also presenting you as a unique organization.

All of this is a very tall order for a little symbol. That’s why you need to make it count by investing in a “good” one.

Let your logo do a lot of the heavy lifting for your brand. Average logos get used for everything above, but they are no match for the quality factor. The stronger your logo, the stronger your chances of success.

Are you in need of a brand refresh or design overhaul? Improve the quality and consistency of your marketing with the creation of new icons, logos, and artwork.