5 Creative Podcasts We Love

Either way, podcasts and walking go hand-in-hand. I listen to podcasts to learn. Learning for my career – in my case marketing and storytelling – or learning about something entirely new, there are a lot of options out there for whatever you want to learn.

Here are a few of my favorite Podcasts…

1. Building a StoryBrand

Donald Miller started his career as a writer and spent a lot of time studying the science of story from screenwriters. He took the formula he learned from screenwriting and created StoryBrand which helps businesses hone their copy to communicate more clearly.

In his podcast, he interviews other business owners or speakers about what has helped their businesses succeed. In this new season of the podcast he and one of the members of his staff interview an owner who has gone through their StoryBrand workshop. I’ve offered suggestions for Corporate 3 Design and our clients from what I’ve learned from this podcast and the success stories.

Miles Walked in One Episode:~ 2.5

Favorite Episode: #8 Canlis-Secrets of Insanely Good Customer Service

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2. Startup Camp Podcast

Why would I be listening to a podcast about startups if I work in an agency? Good question. I’m in intrigued by the startup mindset. Working lean, a constant reinvention, using resources wisely, and a constant hustle are areas we could all use some inspiration.

Similiarly to the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Dale Partridge‘s Startup Camp Podcast is an extension of his business. The people he interviews are really inspiring and the topics oddly tend to relate to an obstacle I’ve encountered at the same time I was listening to an episode. My only criticism is that I think Dale becomes so excited to he tends to talk over his guests.

Miles Walked in One Episode: ~ 2.5

Favorite Episode: Mount Everest: 4 Hard Lessons from a Woman Who Conquered It

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3. Build a Better Agency Podcast

Shawn Hartley suggested this podcast. I’ve only listened to a few so far, but I’ve been  impressed with the content.

The interviewer, Drew McLellan, asks the right questions to pull invaluable information from the interviewee. If you work for an agency or would like to work for an agency, this is great for continuing education. You’ll learn current trends that will springboard research in so many different directions.

Miles Walked in One Episode: ~3

Favorite Episode: Episode 43: How to Create a Modern Content Driven Agency, with Paul Roetzer

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4. Revisionist History

I’m a Malcolm Gladwell fan. Shaking his hand is on my bucket list. If you’ve never heard of him before, he’s written many books, and you should all go pick one up. He’s a researcher, teacher and communicator. He has a unique talent of taking a complicated subject and communicating it in a way that is clear. So when I heard he was starting a podcast, of course I had to listen.

These are in-depth, well researched interviews and each one has a different focus. The main point of the Revisionist History podcast is to take a look at what seems to be a good idea, but never caught on with the main stream population. My favorite episode made me want to become a well connected lawyer, who could help intelligent, low income kids get into good schools. It will make sense once you hear it.

Miles Walked in One Episode: ~ 2.5

Favorite Episode: Episode 4: Carlos Doesn’t Remember

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5. Radio Detective Story Hour

Because I love story, I wanted to find a story podcast. There are a few radio serials out there, but I haven’t found one that I really like yet, so I went old school with radio detective theater from the 40s and 50s. It’s fun listening to the old effects that were used to create the sound of heels walking on concrete or the sounds of a fight.

The Radio Detective Story Hour podcast republishes old radio theater pretty much unedited except for the opening. It even has a public service announcements at the end of some which is really fascinating. Like the Red Cross looking for blood donations to help the war effort. My favorite PSA is at the end of a Christmas episode. So if you’re looking for a little nostalgia and a chuckle at how much things have changed (for better and worse) this is fun.

Miles Walked in One Episode: ~ 1

Favorite Episode: The Saint Nineteen Santa Clause’s

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