Jeff Walker

Senior Account Executive


Jeff has been a member of the C3D team for 10 years. He brings extensive marketing and advertising knowledge to every engagement. As a past owner of a successful design firm and industry historian, he laments when design didn’t start on a computer, recalling his days as a 4-color litho stripper and late night press checks. 

Known for his pragmatic approach to providing effective creative on time and within budget, Jeff has extensive experience assisting with creative direction, copywriting and production. He has developed print and interactive projects and campaigns for a variety of local and regional clients. Jeff’s industry brand experience includes banking/financial services, insurance, technology, travel/aviation, retail, health care and manufacturing.

Outside of the office, Jeff is married, and has raised 2 beautiful daughters, and can be found on the golf course or on his deck grilling when the weather cooperates.

Jeff officially retired on July 30, 2021, but still contributes behind the scenes as an advisor with his 45 years of industry experience.


Where are you from?
Local boy, born and raised.

Favorite part of your job?
Being a part of the creative process, but especially presenting great creative and executing production.

What’s one of your favorite things to do outside of the office?
Golf, grilling and home improvements that involve design/style updates. 

Dogs or cats?
Oh goodness, DOGS! But my wife won’t let me have one.

Favorite movie?
Too many to list. However “Scent of a Woman” still in contention.

Binge-worthy show?

Music to work to?
Sorry, peace & quiet. Except when cleaning house, crank up the guitar riffs!

Favorite pizza topping?
Sausage & Peperoncini

Favorite spot in Omaha?
The Holland, Flat Iron Cafe, my back deck, and putting for birdie on any local golf course.