Bit Perfection

Outgrowing an old brand.

Established in 2002, Bit Perfection (originally Door-2-Door Computer Services) outgrew their brand and wanted a more sophisticated brand identity that communicated their core strengths and would position their company for future growth.

The smallest unit of data — a Bit — inspired the company name. The digital world builds from this very minute detail. The attention to detail is what sets Bit Perfection apart from their competition. We set out to design a strong, yet easy to recognize logo and unique color palette that visually separates Bit Perfection from other Managed IT Service Providers in Louisville, Kentucky.

Previous Logo and Website

New Logo

The Managed IT Services industry is highly competitive. We first researched the local competition and set out to create a strong visual element that was unique and didn’t blend in with the competition. Using non-traditional colors, the icon doubles as a graphic element for future vehicle signage and non-traditional branding. Combining clean typography, and a succinct tagline, the logo communicates precisely what the client envisioned — professionalism and attention to detail and knowledge.


Building on the remarkable logo, the collateral design needed to communicate professionalism and technical knowledge. We chose a heavy paper stock with silk touch finishes as the foundation for a clean and structured composition. We extended the collateral design to Bit Perfection’s social media channels creating a cohesive, congruent print-to-digital identity.

New Website

The client had specific requirements for their website. First, the design needed to stand out in the managed service industry. It also needed to showcase their services and position Bit Perfection as an authority in managed services in the Louisville metro area. We created a responsive WordPress website with a customized theme that supported organic and paid SEO.