Frasier Martis Architects

Renovating an established brand.

Frasier-Martis Architects, P.C. (formerly Bruce Frasier Architects) wanted to update their logo and website to align with their brand. Their previous logo was created several years ago when the firm was owned by Bruce Frasier and no longer communicated their current scope of work or aligned with their brand message. Their ten-year old website was non-responsive, difficult to navigate and required a 3rd party to update content. In a visually driven industry, it was imperative that their website and logo complimented their work.

Previous Logo and Website

New Logo

We discussed their aesthetic and how they wanted their logo to represent their company. President and Owner Jack Martis wanted to ensure that the new logo had a stand alone icon that still paid homage to the previous owner, Bruce Frasier. In addition, their new logo had to work in a variety of mediums (business cards, blueprints, yard signs, apparel, etc.).

The result of our extensive research was a clean, curated and sophisticated FMA monogram with a stylized wordmark. Inspired by the lines in a blueprint, the monogram’s interconnected letters suggest a roofline while not literally reading as one. We opted for a one-color (black) color palette not only for sophistication but because it works well with all mediums and compliments rather than competes with client renderings.

New Website

The three biggest issues with their old site were: non-responsiveness, small images and it was difficult to interact with (both as a visitor and content manager). We set out to design a site that was intuitive,  sophisticated, while showcasing their work to clients who rely on inspiring visuals to realize their personal design vision. Most importantly, we wanted to ensure the site was unique and didn’t look like everyone else’s.

We began with creating a Functional Requirements Document outlining specific functionality. Then we created a collection of examples our client liked and disliked.

Their new site is clean and designed to showcase their portfolio of work, while making it easy for clients to become inspired. The management system is functional and intuitive making managing content easy.