How To Setup Your Company Facebook Page For Success

The growing popularity of social networks is undeniable.

Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter deliver constant streams of content that can be shared and viewed by users around the world. More and more companies and small business owners are understanding the value of social media and harnessing the power of digital marketing to drive sales.

If your company or small business is looking for ways to improve your current approach to social media or lacks a social media presence entirely, then Facebook would be an ideal place to start. This checklist covers the basic requirements for getting your name out there by starting a Facebook Page for your company or small business.

Your Page is a Page, Not a Personal Profile

This can be one of the most confusing aspects for users who are new to Facebook. A personal Facebook Profile should never be the home of your business-wide social media account nor should any sales take place on it.

Businesses and corporations interested in engaging users on Facebook need to set up an actual Facebook Page. However, establishing a Facebook Page for your business does require one of your employees with an active Facebook Profile to manage it and act as an administrator.

Remember, it is acceptable and encouraged to take advantage of your existing network of friends and share your business’ newly acquired Facebook Page to followers of your personal Profile; transforming friends and acquaintances into fans, leads, and new business.

Your Page is Placed in the Proper Category

What are Facebook Page categories?

Facebook Pages use categories to organize content and aid in the delivery of quality search results across the site.

Depending on your Page’s category, different features are available for your Page. Select the appropriate category after assessing the expectations and goals for your Facebook Page based on this list of available features below.

Remember, your Facebook Page’s category can be changed at any time by the Page administrator in your settings.

Your Page’s Username is Optimized and Telling

What are usernames?

Facebook allows users to have full control of the username (web address) associated with their Facebook Pages. Establishing a customized username allows your page’s web address to become easy to remember for return users and telling of the page’s content for new ones.

How can I see my page’s username?

Your username can be viewed in the location bar of your browser after Visit to edit yours.

Remember, unlike your page category, your Page’s username can only be changed once by a Page admin (managers).

Your Page’s Name, Location, Milestones, and Other Basic Profile Information is Complete

What are the benefits of filling out all of the profile information?

Facebook rewards users and Pages that make use of its available features to the fullest. Providing your page name, location, milestones, contact info, website link, and other basic profile information will improve your Page’s search rank as well as drive local business thanks to geo location.

Remember, providing as much information as possible to your followers and prospective customers on your Facebook Page is an exercise in branding and consistency that can influence your search rank.

Your Page has Photos

Why does my page need photos?

Providing the necessary photos on your Facebook Page will make your presence visually engaging and feel complete. Useful descriptions and Calls to Action can be attached to both the Page’s profile picture (thumbnail) and larger cover photo to direct traffic to your website’s homepage or even a product page itself.

What are the ideal dimensions for photos on Facebook?

Facebook’s current recommended dimensions for your Page’s cover photo are 315 x 851. Design accordingly so the elements in your cover photo aren’t dominated by your page’s actual profile picture (thumbnail).

Facebook’s current recommended dimensions for your Page’s profile picture are 160 x 160, and most simply use the company logo. These recommended dimensions are subject to change in the future so always check with Facebook to guarantee your images are optimized correctly.

Remember, Facebook rewards users that make use of its available features. Updating and changing your photos frequently is simply another way to boost your page’s popularity and attract fresh attention to your business.

Your Facebook Page has Content

Why does my page need content?

Managing your own Facebook Pages provides endless opportunities for content creation. But don’t bother spending money promoting your page without it! Remember, creating a few welcoming posts might be a great way to make your Facebook Page feel alive and current upon its initial rollout.

Your Page is Verified

Facebook recently added a new feature to business pages that allows admins to verify the authenticity of the page and its contact information.

Why Should I Verify My Business Page on Facebook?

It’S FREE TO verify your Business

Many local directory sites will ask for a monthly fee or annual payment to list your information–not on Facebook. Whether or not your company is active on Facebook, taking full advantage of the free tools at your disposal to promote your business and expand your social media reach is highly recommended.

Verified businesses show up higher in search results

This is the primary benefit which we tell clients about when it comes to page verifications. For a process that only takes minutes, it could have an incredible impact on your page’s traffic within Facebook’s own search engine.

Verified businesses let visitors know the Page is authentic

For larger brands, this is paramount to success on social media. Tell your customers who is the real you and avoid any confusion that may be caused by fake profiles and spam accounts.

Is My Business Eligible for Verification on Facebook?

If your Page’s category is listed under “Local Businesses” or “Companies & Organizations” your Page may be eligible for a gray verification badge. Learn how to verify your company Facebook Page.

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