What We’re Listening To: TOP SECRET

This playlist when applied properly along with other stimulants and dopamine uptake inhibitors can prop up any individual programmer suffering from adrenal fatigue for additional hours of warrior coding or disaster recovery mitigation.

This top secret file also contained something about a Manchurian Candidate, MKUltra and a sensory deprivarion tank. I don’t know… Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Think of Playlist Eight as your last option. Like that syringe thingy in Pulp Fiction.

Use at your own risk….C3D is not responsible for any potential negative or adverse effects while using “Playlist Eight”. Side effects may include, dry mouth, hair loss, leg meat seperation, expressive aphasia, the inability to complete basic functions like making flapjacks or doing sleight of hand card tricks. In worse cases, individuals experienced a complete regression to childhood and a peculiar predilections for weeble-wobbles and slinky’s.

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