Our Favorite (Websafe) Font Pairings

Below is a rundown of some of our favorite websafe fonts.


A nice solid sans serif for the web. If you’re a fan of Gotham, you’ll like this one. Weights range from Extra Light to Heavy. A couple small drawbacks, in my opinion, are the “wonky” Ws and the baseline shifts with the numbers. I’ve sometimes switched my numbers to Verdana, but that gets annoying.

Bitter & Helvetica

A fun serif for headlines and subheads that adds a little life to the layout. Paired with a classic sans that’s easy to read and gets the job done.


Another nice sans serif with a good range of weights. If you’re in the mood for something Helvetica-ish, but a little different, here you go. (As a side note, it was developed by Google for their Material Design branding.)


Arvo is a slab serif that offers a nice little change of pace.

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